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The LUMOS series of laser distance sensors has a measurement frequency of 100 Hz enabling high precision measurements or distance monitoring up to 500 meters for reflective surfaces.  The... Read more »


Sensor & Imaging Solutions

Kvalicomp provides a wide range of intelligent industrial sensors and components for machine, factory and packaging automation applications.

Noise & Vibration @ Work

Kvalicomp provides a wide range of innovative data loggers and measurement instruments for industrial monitoring, data acquisitions and verification applications.

Vibration Isolation Solutions

Kvalicomp provides easy to use and solid solutions and components for verification and isolation of noise and vibrations in work place environments.

Professional LED Lighting

Kvalicomp provides a wide range of energy efficient industrial LED lighting products and solutions for machine, factory and laboratory applications.

Kvalitest Nordic Ltd

Kvalitest is a sister company to Kvalicomp and focuses on providing Test & Measurement solutions for R&D and quality assurance applications.